Bigfoot Research Project

Mon Aug 8 04:40:42 EST 1994

I can feel a flame-war coming on

Seriously though, the 1967 footage has been discredited looong ago, so I don't
know where these folks are coming from. From what I can remember, analysis of
the film show a human dressed up in an ape suit running away from the camera, ie
they showed a reasonably short (for a bigfoot) figure with a demonstrably
human gait (even the Forteans regard this as a fake). A similar situation 
would involve creationists pointing at the Paluxy River footprints as proof for 
their case (most of the "respectable" flat-earthers don't try and push this 
tired old line anymore

Much as I find cryptozoology fascinating and an interesting thing to waste time
on, I still think that the lifeforms we do "know" are weird enough.

Peter Darben, QUT, Brisbane, Oz

Still making the world safe from pig worms

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