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On Aug 7,  4:39pm, James Song-Jeng Yeh wrote:
> Subject: SBM project
> Dear "Rhodes":
> 	I am wondering if you could give me a little bit more info on the
> nature of the SBM project and for what age level it is appropirate for???
There was a short item in "The Scientist" summarizing the same sort of
information I posted that might be useful to you.  The projects include a
series of several (6-8) small (hour or so) experiments.  For example, in
the unit on sound last year, they did a project with a "string-and-box
bass" to learn about vibrations, made a simple pipe out of straws to learn
about pitch, put a marker at the end of a paint stirrer (which was then
'twanged' to draw the oscillations on a piece of paper, went on a sound
scavenger hunt (looking for metallic sounds, squeaks, thumps, etc...) and a
few other projects.  At the end of the unit, they put together a 'radio
play' with sound effects, and sent tapes to the pen-pal-scientist.  Other
projects over the years have included making a camera (really!), designing
an "ecologically correct" town, designing an ice cream machine (with
certaqin limits on available materials), designing a "fun house", etc.
Grade levels 4-9 will be able to use the materials effectively, with
varying degrees of detail.

> And also the requirements to register as a volunteer scientist.
> 	I live in the west coast, and there is a 3 hour time difference
> and I have not been able to get thru the SBM phone # you posted.
Keep trying (or use the internet address - mparker at

> 	Thank you very much.
> James Yeh
> jyehmnca at
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> Molecular and Cell Biology
> UC Berkeley
>-- End of excerpt from James Song-Jeng Yeh

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