The Bigfoot Research Project(research in quotes)

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Mon Aug 8 11:34:00 EST 1994

In article <caveman.25.2E45DB8C at>, caveman at (Henry Franzoni) writes:
>              The Bigfoot Research Project
>" The Bigfoot Research Project is a benign, scientific
> investigation designed to prove the existence ..."

Everything else was clipped.  How can it be a true scientific investigation if
its ultimate goal is biased and "designed" to prove a given hypothesis
(existence). This is not a flame but a simple reminder that science seeks the
truth-nothing else.

As stated by another poster...

"i think that the big foot science project is in essence unscientific !
they presume that there is a bigfoot, whereas they should presume
there isn't one."

At least this puts more scrutiny in the data.

"First get your facts, then you can distort them at your leisure."--Mark Twain

Jim Miller
Indianapolis, IN

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