Reluctant Canadian Geese

Ken Brown rkjb at
Mon Aug 8 17:04:40 EST 1994

Excess geese -

interesting that they are losing their migratory habit.

In Britain, Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) have been non-migratory since
their introduction (c18 AFAIR). They are now the normal goose in urban areas,
completely replacing the native Branta & Anser spp.

(Well, not 100% -  brent geese (B. bernicla) winter in large numbers near
Portsmouth, but that's just because the city is right next to a saltmarsh)

As for dealing with them, my gut reaction is
1) why bother? I'd rather have geese than a lawn. And their turds aren't
*that* bad.

2) eat them ;->

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