The Bigfoot Research Project

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara un691cs at
Mon Aug 8 09:00:30 EST 1994

henri franzoni came up with several arguments why there is 
so little 'hard' (or movie material) about the bigfoot (which
i won't repeat here. basically, he mentiones 50 reports, none on 
film or on tape, or recorded in any other way. in short: we are
only dealing with eyewitness' reports again ! probably the most 
unreliable kind of evidence available (as most judges or scientists
will be able to tell).
i think that the big foot science project is in essence unscientific !
they presume that there is a bigfoot, whereas they should presume
there isn't one. if you would analyze all the bigfoot eveidence
from that perspective, most 'objective' people would have to come
to the conclusion that the evidence simply is not convincing enough.

this is not the beginnings of a flame war (just want to stir up some
clemens suter-crazzolara, inst anatomy, heidelberg germany

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