The Bigfoot Research Project

Anthony Tomlinson anthony at
Wed Aug 10 06:05:03 EST 1994

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dallas at writes:
>>" The Bigfoot Research Project is a benign, scientific
>> investigation designed to prove the existence ..."
>Everything else was clipped.  How can it be a true scientific
investigation if
>its ultimate goal is biased and "designed" to prove a given hypothesis
>(existence). This is not a flame but a simple reminder that science
seeks the
>truth-nothing else.

Sometimes I think I don't live in the real scientific world.  The
scientists I know speak all the time of trying to "show" or "prove"
things, but nobody jumps down their throats - we wait to see the data. 
It's objective assessment of the data that counts;  if nobody ever had
any theories which they espoused (ie  wanted to see proven)  then I doubt
if very much work would ever get started.  Call me cynical, but the
people who do the science are just people, they are not Science itself.
Incidentally, objective assessment of the Bigfoot data seems to me to
point to its non-existence, but it's clearly an engaging subject, or we
wouldn't be having this discussion.

Anthony (in a waffly mood)

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