Journal donations?

Curtis R. Altmann curtis at mendel.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Aug 9 22:11:55 EST 1994

I am looking to dispose of old journals which I don't want to store 
anymore. Does anyone know of any group which collects old journals
and ships them to places that need them (ie: 3rd world nations)?

I have about 5 years of Science and Nature.  A bunck of old Journal of 
Immunology and Cell. The Science and Nature collections are fairly 

If you know of anyplace please email me:
	curtis at

I will post any relevent information to the net so others can dispose
of their old journals in a politically correct manner :)
Curtis R. Altmann  			curtis at
UC Berkeley MCB/BMB			(510) 642-5110 Work
Berkeley, CA 94720 			(510) 642-7846 Fax	

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