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Henry James Franzoni caveman at
Sat Aug 13 06:08:16 EST 1994

	Many of you regarded this post as a waste of time and money... a
	stupid pile of mumbo-jumbo...a conjecture that didn't allow for
	falsification, the aim to "proving the existence" of bigfoot was

	Well, I've dutifully fowarded all of your comments to the Bigfoot
	Research Project, and am going to help them onto the Internet
	so they can respond for themselves.  For the large group of you
	that gave constructive criticism, Thanks.  It has been illuminating.

	Speaking for myself only, I know that some of the erudite 
scientists reading this think the "bigfoot" thing is silly, and a waste of 
time and money.  I disagree.  

	I myself am involved with the "search for bigfoot", because of my
personal experience with the "imaginary creature".  I am not doing this
because I dread being extinguished without significance, I want to 
demonstrate one day, that what I experienced myself, was not a dream,
hallucination, a product of wishful thinking, or a need to create a heightened
sense of reality for myself, none of those things motivated me to look for the

	No, My girlfriend and I encountered one ourselves, and ever since, 
I have wanted to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the most severe critics,
(this conference wins that prize), that there is/are one or more of these
creatures living in Oregon.  These animals are so good at camoflage, people
do not believe they exist.  Maybe this is better for the "imaginary creature's"
well being.

	The most important question for me is this:  Human intervention.

	Are these creatures in a better situation because most people
don't think they are real?  Or are we humans changing their habitat so 
drastically,that unless there is some sort of human intervention soon,
they're all going to die soon anyhow.

	Clearly, I am a raving lunatic believer in bigfoot, but in my
defense, I am only trying to explain my personal experience in a way
that I can live with.  Seeing is believing, and I know that not seeing is
not believing.  You know what you know, and you don't know what you don't know.
One must keep their skeptical facilities intact, but one ought not stick
one's head entirely in the sand.  And of course, that old bromide
"the absence of evidence does not imply evidence of absence"

	So, I will strive through my lifetime to find evidence about
bigfoot, despite all of the reasons many of you think it is a waste of time. 
In a certain way, I know better.  Now, it is certainly humiliating to me to 
be the object of ridicule, to be regarded as a complete quack, shoddy 
thinker, fool, stupid person, Waste of money, etc.  

	I probably will never find any proof... life's a bitch, but many
of you have motivated me to try harder... cause many of you have 
cut-me-down size, and dismissed me as a fool and a waste of time,
a little too easily I may add... 

Which is a particular scientific conjecture I intend to falsify...<g>

I am not a scientist, I am an artist, (some might say, bullshit artist)<g>
and I subscribe to Leonardo DaVinci's aphorism:

	"There are those that see for themselves, those that see when
shown, and those that never see at all."

Clearly, most scientists fall into the "those that see when shown" category,
and the edifices of thought they build on the solid foundation of falsifiable 
conjecture and experiment is useful and does tilt the balance in humanities' 
favor... sometimes... 

	Those of you who place yourselves in the category of "those that
see for themslves", well then.. I suggest you do.

*-< Henry ]I[ >-*

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