THe Bigfoot Research Project

Sat Aug 13 17:30:35 EST 1994

Henry Franzoni wrote :
> 	Many of you regarded this post as a waste of time and money... a
> 	stupid pile of mumbo-jumbo...a conjecture that didn't allow for
> 	falsification, the aim to "proving the existence" of bigfoot was
> 	stupid.
> 	Well, I've dutifully fowarded all of your comments to the Bigfoot
> 	Research Project, and am going to help them onto the Internet
> 	so they can respond for themselves.  For the large group of you
> 	that gave constructive criticism, Thanks.  It has been illuminating.

(rest cut for brevity - Well said Henry)

Well, I think we've all shown what a nasty bunch we can all be when we really
put our mind to it. I think my "flame war" comment a week ago is now a little
justified. No, I don't believe in bigfoot or Nessie or visiting aliens, but I
really can't see the justification for wasting so much time on debating it all
on the net. Who really cares if these folks don't follow Popperian theory. If
they were to use their "flawed" procedures and still came up with a corpse, 
should we reject that evidence just because they didn't do it right ? If folks
want to expend time and effort pursuing a cause which is essentially harmless
then they're quite welcome to it. Yes, fight the creationists, who want to 
bring in their own political agenda. Expose faith healers and shams like Geller
who prey on the weak. But the bigfoot folk, and others like them, do no real
harm, and it wouldn't really cause such a paradigm shift if they did find some
more odd beasties. What I'm really mystified about is why this posting caused
such a negative reaction (I was expecting a similar one to the Zodiac Signs
and Cancer posting, which never really eventuated). If you don't like a posting
ignore it and it will go away. Debating it for days only extends its life.
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