THe Bigfoot Research Project

Mon Aug 15 16:24:02 EST 1994

Francisco Blazquez wrote
> On 13 Aug 1994 DARBEN at wrote:
> > No, I don't believe in bigfoot or Nessie or visiting aliens, .... If folks
> > want to expend time and effort pursuing a cause which is essentially harmless
> > then they're quite welcome to it. 
> I think, Peter, that it is not only a question of time and effort wasted. 
> Who pays for this study? If they are paying with their own money, then it 
> is their problem. But if the money comes form a public institution the 
> validity of the employ of the money in this kind of research must be 
> discussed.
Point taken. I was under the impression that it was privately funded (I can't 
imagine the ARC council here funding such a project - nor should they). Sorry
if I ran off at the mouth there folks, but it seemed like the poster was being
singled out a little. Now let's end this thread and start up a new one to sledge
Anyone for more Voices ? :) 

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