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Mon Aug 15 11:31:12 EST 1994

I didn't post MAKE.MONEY.REAL.FAST.  My service provider is 
being plagued by a hacker who forges usenet posts.

He uses MAKE.MONEY.REAL.FAST so that people will then flame the user's 
name he has forged.  Then that user will be unable to use internet mail 
and will cancel their accounts--at least that's what the hacker hopes.

He picks names out of those who post on the local netaxs.problems 

The owner of netaxs is Avi Freedman, whose name has been put in the letter.

Avi is trying to find out who the hacker is, so could you if possible 
forward the header from the original offending message.  They seem to be 
sent from an account at Drexel University.

jgreshes at wrote:
:         This is NOT a chain letter, but a legal way to earn cash in the
: United States and most other countries.  If you do not believe me, check
: postal regulation #1A-10-2B which states that if a item is sold through
: the mail, it constitutes a service.

:         I am selling index cards.  Each card has a list of names on the
: front and a set of instructions on the back.  Using the techniques I
: alone have developed, you can LITERALLY EARN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in a
: matter of ONLY DAYS.  It requires almost no effort on your part, all you
: have to do is mail your payment of $1 for your first index card to the 
: address appearing at the end of this letter.  You will follow the 
: instructions listed on the back of the card.  The instructions are simple
: to follow, and involve simply crossing off one of the names appearing in
: the list on the front of the card, and replacing it with your name.  This
: constitutes a legal service.   Hurry, this deal may not be here tommorrow,
: mail your payment for $1 as soon as possible to this address:

: Mail Payment To:
:   Avi Freedman
:   P.O. Box 502
:   Glenside, PA 19038

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