Bernard Murray bernard at
Mon Aug 15 23:29:07 EST 1994

In article <32o58g$rrg at>, jgreshes at (Jason Greshes) writes:
> I didn't post MAKE.MONEY.REAL.FAST.  My service provider is 
> being plagued by a hacker who forges usenet posts.
> The owner of netaxs is Avi Freedman, whose name has been put in the letter.
> Avi is trying to find out who the hacker is, so could you if possible 
> forward the header from the original offending message.  They seem to be 
> sent from an account at Drexel University.

...The one I saw said that it was from Bigfoot,....  (or was it Elvis) :-)

Seriously 'though, I hope you nail the sucker - this is beginning to happen
a little to frequently now.

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