"Normally create without a vote"?

James Mahaffy mahaffy at cc
Wed Aug 17 18:26:03 EST 1994

BIOSCI Administrator (biosci-help at NET.BIO.NET) wrote:

: I'm not about to reopen an issue that has been resolved by the
: readership simply in response to an objection by someone who is always
: in a small minority (sometimes of only 2 or 3) on virtually all BIOSCI
: votes where they venture to stake out a "position."  I note, for
: example, that the bionet.microbiology vote was 359 YES to 2 NO despite
: the fact that you jumped into the discussion about bionet.microbiology
: and argued strenuously to move the group to sci.bio.microbiology.

: After a while, this kind of opposition amounts to nothing more than
: pure and simple harrassment for motives which only you know for
: certain.  Messages such as the above become exceedingly tiresome.

: I have work to do.

	I agree that Una can be annoying especially to a hard working and
effective administrator and I have even had a couple exchanges but ...
in all fairness.

1. Although at times I think she likes to take the negative just so it
is represented, she does sometimes present some good arguments and that
can be helpful. But maybe you shouldn't do it all the time. 

2. Even though she make your life more difficult, I think it was her
biologists Guide to the Internet that helped me find the right
newsgroups that enabled me to do some research a bit out of my area
(after some administrator helped get the e-mail connection.  I also see
her active in starting new groups and you need someone to do that.
Almost makes me wonder when she gets time to do research.  

3. I do think she has a bit of a cynicism that administrators would be
out there to help folks, but then that is not atypical. 

No need to respond Dave. What you said is largely true - but I thought a
bit of the other side should be out there two.

I too have too much work to do. 

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