ISMB-94 reaches Australia

Mario Pinelli pinelli at
Tue Aug 16 08:07:53 EST 1994

Most of you will have seen Dan Mosedale's posting over the last few
months about the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Systems
for Molecular Biology and it's planned broadcast over internet.

Well last night (Western Australian time) it happened and it worked!

Live video, audio and whiteboard directly from Stanford, CA.  It
was a great success.  Both audio and video came through very clearly.
There were two video images - one of the speaker and a larger image
of the screen showing slides.  Despite some minor problems with
the readability of some slides (mainly due to the presenters using
small fonts and images) the content was very watchable and understandable.

I watched the whole 9 hours (yes there were breaks in between :-)
and counted between 10 and 30 people connected to the internet
multicast backbone (MBONE) during that time.  I seemed to be the only 
person connected from Australia - thought there might be more.  There
were several european participants - also from the UK.  A majority
were from various sites across the USA.

Although the transmission is relatively bandwidth intensive it does 
provide an excellent opportunity for those who can't attend in person.
It would be good to see some more conferences (even tutorials) in
this field broadcast in this fashion.  Perhaps interested particpants
could gather at some nearby site with the appropriated resources for
receiving MBONE.  MBONE also provides for interaction - questions via
audio transmition could be asked from across the world.  This hasn't
been demonstrated as yet at ISMB-94 - someone broke the cable connector
for the speaker :-) 

In summary - it seems to have worked so far - definately an "international"
conference.  I'm looking forward to the next two days - make that nights
(11:30pm to 8:30am).  Many thanks to the conference organizers for allowing
the broadcast and to Dan and his team for making it possible.

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