Steven Striepeke sstriepk at
Wed Aug 17 16:35:24 EST 1994

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara (un691cs at wrote:

: I deleted a message by mistake. However, the author stated that not
: only money is wasted in "Big feet" science, but there is also the
: problem that the theme of the project may be choosen with economical
: arguments, like in the case of AIDS versus Malaria.
: True. But with Bigfoot science the criticism is 
: more harsh: the complete starting point of this kind of research
: may be biased (I don't want to smash Bigfoot to much: perhaps there
: exists such an animal, I am just not convinced by the evidence
: presented up to now). Basically science should be interested in truth 
: (this may not always be the case, but anyway...). This does not effect
: the choice between two projects: both will lead to new discoveries.
: However, if one of the projects is from the onset dubious,science should
: drop it.

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