Structure of bionet

James Mahaffy mahaffy at
Fri Aug 19 16:07:08 EST 1994

	Some of the discussion on Bionet/Usenet made me wonder a bit about
the structure of Bionet.  I am not being critical. I am impressed by the
scholarly nature of the posts.  The noise level is quite low.  Maybe
that is because as Dave said it is more centrally run.  But who runs it.
Someone picked on Dave mentioned Intelligenetics (which I assume is a
commercial outfit).  Is it supported by industry and do they have say in
control of the net? The big 7 were originally funded by government
weren't they.  Or does it go back to the bitnet days when Universities
were sharing by lists and not newsgroups. 

	By the way, I don't see a lot of overlap in the groups. For some
areas (reptiles, ethology), you have to go to and for others
(parasitology) you have to use bionet.  One of the main differences, I
see if fewer groups on bionet, but last couple of years have shown a
great increase in the number. 

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