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>1.  Most Usenet newsreaders are now NNTP clients.  This means that
>the user can specify what Usenet host to read news from.  For example,
>former Yale students can point their newsreaders at
>and read all the newsgroups in the yale.* hierarchy.  (Hint:  future
>Yalies can do the same. ;-)
Uhmm, are you certain about this Una?  That would make Yale's NNTP server
public access (at least for reading) and it is not.  Are you saying they
will make it so in the future or does each former Yalie need to
individually request that his or her current host be added to those granted
read access to Yale's server?  How will Yale prevent non-Yalies on the same
host from accessing their server?

[ ... ]
>cover?  What does the CFBS do?

Canadian Federation of Biological Societies, similar to FASEB.


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