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>I have been asked recently on bionet.general why I always react so
>heatedly to comments from Una Smith.

   Yes, you might want to think about it. News.groups doesn't have any
influence on bionet.  She merely stated the facts. No site is required
to carry any bionet groups. She was merely informing the group about what
she considers to be a bad policy with regard to those groups, and 
suggesting that some sites might not want to carry them. She's not forging 
control messages. She's not cutting cables. What is it that she is doing
that interferes with news distribution?
  If you wanted, you could follow up on her article and explain that
the groups are created for an proffesional society of larger than a 
certain number of members. But then you suddenly sound like your saying
the same thing as her: no site should feel the obligation to carry these


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