Why does bionet have a top-level hierarchy?

Peter Trei ptrei at bistromath.mitre.org
Fri Aug 19 10:11:13 EST 1994

     Judging from some of the traffic in here, this may be a sensitive
topic, but I'm really curious.

     Following the recent flap over us.*, and the hopes of some people
I know to create a new top level hierarchy, I'm trying to research the
origin of current top-level groups ouside of the big-7 + alt.

* Why does bionet.* exist as a top level hierarchy: Why aren't these
  groups under sci.bio?
* What's the history behind this? How long has bionet been around?  
* Did it experience resistance or propagation problems when it was
  created? It's still only around 50%.

						Peter Trei
						ptrei at mitre.org

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