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> In summary, Una Smith in her message below tries to talk to other news
> system administrators in a calm, reasoned, authoritative tone (they
> may or may not know what her connection is to bionet).  She tells them
> about how bionet supposedly works and how it would be O.K. *not* to
> create the newsgroups because there are also mailing lists attached,
> so news sites downstream from the administrator's site will not be
> harmed if the group is not created!!!  All said very matter-of-factly,
> almost off-hand, like it would be no big deal if they didn't want to
> create the groups.  It is curious in this light that in a recent RFD,
> Una justified her duplication of by citing the
> supposed "low propagation" of the bionet groups!  Then she turns
> around and post messages in places where biologists will not tread to
> ensure that the propagation of bionet groups stays low???!!!
> And you readers were wondering why new bionet newsgroups are not
> showing up in your newsreaders???  There are other more probable
> reasons, of course, like news administrators just failing to act on
> newgroup messages because of their sheer volume, but messages like
> Una's clearly do not help.

I am not seeking to get involved in some political battle here, but in
my humble opinion I considered the vote for the professional society
approval without vote as over and closed. The obvious majority of
voters decided that it was OK to create such newsgroups. The current
attempt to veto this decision by posting appeals to is unfair
to all of us who voted. We made a democratic decision, and the decision
was to allow Dave to create a few single newsgroups without votes. If
someone did not want Dave to create these newsgroups, they should have
voted NO when they had the chance but not post appeals to a newsgroup
that is read mainly by newsadministrators in an attempt to ensure that
certain newsgroups do not proliferate. This is backstabbing in its
finest! How about if all of us who voted yes would post appeals in the
same newsgroup that these newsgroups deserve immediate propagation? I
think the recent ongoings have been an abuse of personal influence over
the democratic decisions made by the bionet community.

In my opinion Dave has done an excellent job in managing the bionet
newsgroups, and he has given us scientists a new means to communicate.
In case you wondered - I do NOT get paid for saying this ;-).


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