CFD Bigfoot Newsgroup (was Re: The Bigfoot Research Project)

Paul Brandt tcv at
Fri Aug 19 17:32:56 EST 1994

Dave Mack (dmack at wrote:
: In article <caveman.25.2E45DB8C at>,
: Henry Franzoni <caveman at> wrote:
: >             The Bigfoot Research Project
: >
: >The Bigfoot Research Project is a benign, scientific
: >investigation designed to prove the existence of a
: >large, bipedal, hair-covered hominid believed to be
: >living in the forested mountain ranges of the Pacific
: >Northwest.

: [...]

: In light of the information provided in this report, I
: believe that it is appropriate to consider the creation
: of a newsgroup for the discussion of this research area.

: I suggest either or

I agreed this group _must_ be created, but the names you suggest are too
specific.  I would propose  Count 
my YES vote now, no matter what the title.  

BTW, has Dave K. approved this?

: :-)

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: Dave Mack
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: Senior Systems Administrator
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P.S. This is just the kind of stuff that one finds in the* groups 
that is fortunately not in the bionet.* groups.

Paul Brandt
tcv at

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