Job Satisfaction Survey Results

Frank Heasley fheasley at
Sun Aug 21 08:36:27 EST 1994

In a recent posting I requested responses from individuals employed in the
Biotechnology sector: universities, government and industry. 

To all of you who responded: THANK YOU

The question: 

"A recent survey indicated that 67% of american workers are dissatisfied to
very dissatisfied with their current employers.  As a professional in
Biotechnology, how satisfied are you?" 

The results were as follows: 

RESPONSE             N   Percent 
Very Satisfied       5   24% 
Satisfied            3   14%
Neutral              1    5%
Dissatisfied         6   28%
Very Dissatisfied    6   28%

56% of those employed in the Biotechnology related professions were 
either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their current positions.

Although the "N" was small, there appeared to be no strong differences
between industry and academia in level of satisfaction. 

Several people brought up questions that would be interesting to 
explore.  I am planning a more comprehensive survey in a few weeks, and 
would appreciate your input.

Please send suggestions to:
Frank Heasley, PhD
The Franklin Search Group, Inc.
fheasley at

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