inducible beta-lactamase

Steve Bush ez005193 at
Sun Aug 21 13:04:48 EST 1994

I have several questions concerning inducible beta-lactamase, and any
information would be greatly appreciated.

1.  Which antibiotics are affected by this form of resistance?
2.  What is the mechanism of induction? (is it similar to the lac operon, or
    is it a new induction mechanism?)
3.  Which organisms have been shown to display this mechanism of resistance?
4.  Is there a beta-lactam analog which can be utilized to induce expression
    of this gene without adversely affecting the bacteria's growth. (similar
    to IPTG in the lac operon system)

if anyone has any information about this, or has information about sources
for finding out the information, please e-mail me, or post.

thank you much!

--Steve Bush (ez005193 at
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