Purpose of bionet.general

Una Smith una at doliolum.biology.yale.edu
Mon Aug 22 12:18:49 EST 1994

Michael van Waes (bi__mvw at SELWAY.UMT.EDU) wrote:

>: Will you guys knock it off!!!!!?????
>: Or else, take it outside (flame each other all you want
>: 	but could you do it privately?)

Discussion of bionet.* belongs in bionet.general.  There
are 50 other newsgroups in bionet.*, where you will not
see this discussion.

Personal attacks are not appropriate (but some personal 
attacks must not be allowed to go un-answered).  On the
whole, this discussion seems to be keeping reasonably on
track, which is an improvement over some past episodes
when it came up but degenerated into pointless flames.

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