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Una Smith una at
Mon Aug 22 11:58:32 EST 1994

Una Smith <una at> wrote:

>>[Bionet.*] newsgroups are all gated to mailing lists, so should
>>you decide not to carry them at your site, due to lack of
>>interest or the extremely topical nature of these groups,
>>you won't be depriving any down-stream users of the chance
>>to use these resources.

Dave Mack <dmack at> wrote:

>This inference is completely incorrect.

My statement above is neither an inference nor incorrect.

>Yes, all of the bionet
>newsgroups are gated to mailing lists. We do this as a service
>to those who, for one reason or another, cannot get Usenet but
>are able to get e-mail. We DO NOT guarantee that this service
>will be provided in perpetuity or that it will be provided to
>anyone who wants it.

Dave, do you guarantee that bionet.* will be available to 
anyone who wants it, via Usenet?  How can you, when Usenet
doesn't belong to you, and isn't under your control?

If loss of support from BIOSCI is a real, forseeable risk,
then for all our sakes, please start to find alternative
hosts for those mailing lists.  I think you owe this to 
your subscribers.

I agree with you, there are no guarantees here.  But getting
Usenet on every computer that biologists use isn't necessary,
because the mailing lists can be moved to other hosts, with
no effort required from the subscribers.

>We most strongly urge anyone who wants 
>access to the bionet newsgroups to attempt to acquire them
>through Usenet rather than email. In particular, we will attempt
>to provide NNTP feeds of the bionet hierarchy to anyone who
>wants one and is connected to the Internet. If your service
>provider does not have access to the bionet groups, you should
>have them contact me.

Dave, are you willing to allow individuals at remote sites to
read the bionet.* newsgroups from

Note, I do *not* mean a feed from your server to another server.
Many people have to use e-mail to access bionet.* because they
have no local Usenet server.

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