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Una Smith una at doliolum.biology.yale.edu
Mon Aug 22 19:45:22 EST 1994

Una Smith <smith-una at yale.edu> wrote:

>>1.  Most Usenet newsreaders are now NNTP clients.  This means that
>>the user can specify what Usenet host to read news from.  For example,
>>former Yale students can point their newsreaders at news.yale.edu ...

Michael Dobson <dobson at net.usuhs.mil> wrote:

>Uhmm, are you certain about this Una?  That would make Yale's NNTP server
>public access (at least for reading) and it is not.

Nope, I'm not certain.  I was under the impression that it was
effectively open to the public, because I know of several people
who are using this method to read news at Yale from outside the
state.  As Michael says it doesn't work (I assume he tried), it
is now enabled only for certain hosts (or domains).

I'm told that MIT and UCSD both have alumni newsgroups to which
they allow access via NNTP on their servers.

I do know for a fact that Duke University uses a news<->mail
gateway package to provide e-mail subscriptions of certain
local newsgroups to people outside of the university.

>>What does the CFBS do?

>Canadian Federation of Biological Societies, similar to FASEB.

Okay, but *what* will be discussed there?  What's discussed
now on BIOCAN?  How much traffic, how many readers?

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