Usenet client tricks?

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Mon Aug 22 19:36:31 EST 1994

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>Can anyone tell me how to fake a newsreader into thinking it's
>getting news from a server?  I've discussed this with people
>who think it should be possible, but no one has actually tried
>it.  I'm thinking of the trn client I have installed together
>with a rudimentary NNTP package, so I can read news from a
>remote server:  can this client software be made to read news
>from a (properly formatted) directory structure on the local
>machine?  What I have in mind is being able to read e-mail
>(and thus mailing lists) with my newsreader, without having
>a full server at hand (at least without getting a news feed).

A relatively trivial thing to do would be to run CNEWS or INN
on the same machine.  INN and CNEWS can both be configured to accept 
connections only from specific IP addresses.  You could configure 
the server to only accept connections fromthe loopback address 
( ..... not too much to it, right?

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