Learning to build a Usenet server

Una Smith una at doliolum.biology.yale.edu
Tue Aug 23 14:44:17 EST 1994

Foteos Macrides <macrides at sci.wfeb.edu> wrote:

>	The bionet staff ...
>	Despite Una's analysis of what the bionet folks should do, ...

When I refer to David Kristofferson et al., I use their names or
the collective name "BIOSCI".  When I use "bionet.*", I am refering
to the people who read and post articles to bionet.* newsgroups,
who propose new newsgroups, and who vote on those proposals.  For
the most part, I try to suggest how *we* might vote, to accomplish
goals *we* might have for bionet.*.

When I refer to bionet.*, I am not refering to the *BIOSCI* folks.

>...it would surely cripple [net.bio.net] if they openned up their NTTP
>server for public read/post access, and that is not what I suggested.

Nor did I suggest that.  I suggested that BIOSCI might provide
(temporary) access via NNTP to some people at sites with no
server, rather than just to sites with no feed.

Right now, such people make do with subscriptions to the bionet.*
newsgroups.  But the newsgroups that are crucial for learning how
to set up and run a server, if you don't have access to one, are
not available via e-mail subscription (please correct me if I'm
wrong about this).  So BIOSCI could help a lot by providing full
Usenet access (read and post) to biologists who want to build
Usenet servers at their insitutions (in order to carry bionet.*).

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