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Una Smith una at
Tue Aug 23 13:02:33 EST 1994

Paul Brandt <tcv at> wrote:

>>BTW, has Dave K. approved this?

Dave Mack <dmack at> wrote:

>I'm not sure; he opened the cage door, took away my tire and stuffed
>giraffe, and said, "Get 'em, Dave!"
>So here I am.
>>P.S. This is just the kind of stuff that one finds in the* groups 
>>that is fortunately not in the bionet.* groups.


The first part of your article was funny, but those of us
who read and appreciate the* groups don't think
your postscript is funny.

It *is* funny in the sense that it *perfectly* describes
bionet.general, as you demonstrate for us all right here.

>Quite so. Followups to

You set Followups to yourself, not  That's okay: is not involved with any of the current threads in
bionet.general, and doesn't need mis-directed articles from

You've castigated me for not distributing to bionet.general
an article that I posted to news.admin.misc, about current
bionet.* newsgroup creation policy (you even objected to the
calm tone of my article).  Yet here you are, posting unkind
comments about to bionet.general, without including  That's okay by me;  I just want to point out that
by doing this, you undermine your claim that my own behavior
has been somehow inappropriate.

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