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> Foteos Macrides <macrides at> wrote
>>	It's not necessary to use a WWW server.  All that's
>>necessary is for the client's host to have access to an NNTP
>>server to which the environment variable NNTPSERVER can be set.
> That's what I had in mind in my original article on this thread,
> but you mentioned a WWW server as an additional option, and I 
> thought that perhaps you meant a telnet session on
> that was linked to their WWW server, that would run only a news
> client (with access to their news server).

	No, I didn't refer to a WWW server.  Some time ago I had
suggested that supplement its gopher server with a
WWW server that offers bionet.* articles via the hypermail
gateway, but my subsequent experience is that the gateway is a
lot more overhead than it's worth ;( but I won't discourge Dave
Mack if he intends to set that up ).

> ...
>>the user could simply pass a news URL on the command line, e.g.,
>>if using lynx:
>>	lynx
> Does this involve installing a news client (with NNTP server
> daemon underneath)?  Or something else?

	All of the popular WWW clients have news client code
built into them for reading articles (They merely need a
read-access NNTP server, anywhere on the Internet, to which they
can be pointed).  WWW clients vary in whether they also can reply
via email to the sender, or followup/post to the newsgroup.

	I don't know much about the security problems associated
with post-access on Unix (we're a VMS site) that Dave mentioned,
so perhaps my suggestion is a dud for


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