Carlisle Landel landel at helios
Tue Aug 23 10:09:46 EST 1994

>In article <shelvey.13.000ED1BC at>, shelvey at (Rob Shelvey) writes:
>> I have a question concerning Mosquitoes.  Why is it that some people get 
>> bitten many times, while others in the same vicinity get away with no bites at 
>> all ?  Is there a natural repellent given off by some people ?  Can anyone 
>> suggest any decent nautral replellents I could use as I am not one of the 
>> lucky people who don't get bitten.  Sorry if this subject has already been 

I too have pondered this question, especially since I am one of those
people that mosquitoes seem to love.

Observation has convinced me that part of the answer is that I am
unusually sensitive to mosquito bites--they are instantly painful and
result in large welts.  I have quietly watched mosquitoes bite companions
of mine, fill up with blood, and depart without the victim noticing and
without leaving a welt.  I think that maybe in some cases my compatriots
are being bitten as much as I am, but they are not noticing it.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, my sensitivity varies with mosquito

Carlisle Landel

PS Although I seem to be unusually sensitive to mosquito bites, the
trade-off seems to be that I am unusually insensitive to poison oak:
my worst case ever was a *very* mild rash when my companions were 
hospitalized.  Immune systems are cool but weird.

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