Alternatives to a local Usenet server

Keith Robison robison at
Tue Aug 23 00:28:39 EST 1994

Una Smith (una at wrote:

: I (Una Smith) wrote:

: >> Dave, are you willing to allow individuals at remote sites to
: >> read the bionet.* newsgroups from
: >> 
: >> Note, I do *not* mean a feed from your server to another server.
: >> Many people have to use e-mail to access bionet.* because they
: >> have no local Usenet server.

: Foteos Macrides <macrides at> wrote:

: >I suspect there are many sites which do not have a news server
: >installed, and are unlikely to carry news locally, but would set
: >up a news reader specifically to read bionet.*, or would point
: >their WWW clients to for that hierarchy.

: About WWW, Fote, I assume you are thinking of a newsreader on
: being accessible from the WWW server there.  That
: should not be any major problem, and it might be significantly
: more useful than simply browsing through the archives for each
: group using the WWW or gopher client directly.  

I think Fote is thinking of URL in the format


which allow many WWW clients to serve as newsreaders.  There are,
I think, even extensions which allow them to serve as 
_decent_ newsreaders (i.e. basic Mosaic leaves a lot to be desired --
no posting ability, no threading, etc).
To read in this way requires access to an NNTP server (in UNIX Mosaic you
set the environment variable NNTP_SERVER).  

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