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Gregory R. Harriman gregoryh at bcm.tmc.edu
Wed Aug 24 14:47:17 EST 1994

In article <33dhk4$fe9 at news.ycc.yale.edu>, una at doliolum.biology.yale.edu
(Una Smith) wrote:

> In bionet.general, David Kristofferson <biosci-help at net.bio.net> wrote:
> >Your two recent attempts to influence BIOSCI/bionet by appealing
> >in newsgroups outside of the bionet domain to news administrators
> >who have little understanding of our issues speak much more
> >loudly than all of the pages of explanation about good or bad
> >intentions on either side of this dispute.
> If you describe my article in news.admin.misc as tattling, then I
> say yes, I told them about the no-vote rule in bionet.prof-society.*.
> Both you and Dave Mack have replied *there* with complaints that
> my article sounded so matter-of-fact that it could be mistaken as
> authoritative.  In bionet.general, you complain that I "appealed"
> to the readers of news.admin.misc.
> 1. You can't have it both ways.
> 2. Both ways are your interpretation;  bionet.general readers
>    are free to judge for themselves.
> 3. Either way, I think you're doing bionet.* more harm than
>    good by going on like this.

     I apologize for continuing this thread when it deserves to be put to
rest, but the continued pleadings of innocence by Una Smith compel me to
respond.  I am not involved in any way with BIOSCI/bionet administration.
I am simply a researcher/reader of the bionet hierarchy.  Notwithstanding
all of the excuses, denials, rationalizations and justifications put forth
by Una Smith to explain why she posted her message to news.admin.misc the
intent for doing so is obvious to anyone who has followed this thread.  So
as a bionet.general reader, I have taken her advice in 2. above.  Whether
one agrees with her motives is a different matter.  Nonetheless, one would
have more respect for and appreciation of Una's position if she at least
honestly admitted what she had done.

Gregory Harriman

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