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If you do a veronica search for the keywords "public and access"
you will come up with a load of site that allow youu to read bionet
from within gopher.

For example:

     USA: BALL ST.: Ball State U 
     USA: BERKELEY: International Computer Science Institute 
     USA: GETTYSBG.: Gettysburg College 
     USA: ILLINOIS: Illinois State U 
     USA: L. ALAMOS: Los Alamos 
     USA: LOUISIANA: Louisiana Tech (threaded) 
     USA: LOUISIANA: Louisiana Tech (unthreaded) 
     USA: MANITOBA: U of Manitoba 
     USA: MICHIGAN: Michigan State U 
     USA: MINNESOTA: U of Minnesota #1 
     USA: MINNESOTA: U of Minnesota #2 
     USA: PROVO: Brigham Young U 

and in Europe:

     DENMARK: (no City): DENet 
     FINLAND: TAMPERE: Tampere U of Technology 
     GERMANY: CLAUSTHAL: Technische U Clausthal 
     GERMANY: ERLANGEN: U Erlangen 
     GERMANY: HANNOVER: U Hannover 
     GERMANY: OSNABR.: U Osnabrueck #1 
     GERMANY: OSNABR.: U Osnabrueck #2 
     ITALY: TRIESTE: International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste 
     SPAIN: (no City): U Jaume I. 
     SPAIN: VALENCIA: U Polytecnica de Valencia 
     UN.KINGD.: (no City): Imperial College 
     UN.KINGD.: BIRMINGH.: U of Birmingham 

Or if you want to go the WWW way then here are a few URL's to look up (Utilises WebThread)

Use the Webcrawler with the keyword Usenet to look for other sites.

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