Alternatives to a local Usenet server

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Thu Aug 25 18:02:57 EST 1994

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Foteos Macrides <macrides at> wrote:
UNA>> Does this involve installing a news client (with NNTP server
UNA>> daemon underneath)?  Or something else?
>... (They merely need a
>read-access NNTP server, anywhere on the Internet, to which they
>can be pointed)....  

I think this is the crux for any mode of access: do you have
access permission to the target NNTP server.  Were I running
SLIP/PPP from here at home, I'd look like a TCP/IP node to
Internet.  If the target newserver--wherever it was actually
located--looked up my my node number as an "OK" customer, my client
software would do transactions as needed...just the way you
are doing it at Yale, all local and transparent...expect my PC
is running the software and not my Unix account machine.  Of
course, if we all did it that way, the Internet would collapse
under the traffic. ;^)

>	I don't know much about the security problems associated
>with post-access on Unix (we're a VMS site) that Dave mentioned,
>so perhaps my suggestion is a dud for
>			   Fote

My service provider began by locking out TELNET/FTP access from the
outside, especially certain university domains.  :^)  But they
have a look-up file, so I can telnet/ftp into Cybernetics.NET from
pre-arranged accounts/nodes.  That is being actively superceded by
a "firewall" system that channels incoming through certain machines
freely, but rigorously limits access/transactions/resources access
on the other local "support" machines needed to run the show.

I would guess that *could* provide the remote reader
services, but might think long and hard about the cost of protecting 
their infrastructure from break in.'s GOPHER recently
had a "sporting" breakin.

Steve Modena   ab4el at Cybernetics.NET

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