Alternatives to a local Usenet server

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Thu Aug 25 17:39:38 EST 1994

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Una Smith <una at> wrote:
>Alternatively, commercial (for-fee) Usenet servers could start
>selling NNTP access to biologists who would rather pay to read
>via Usenet than continue subscribing via e-mail.

Right now, I'm reading bionet.* on the Cybernetics.NET machine because
I pay $20/month for unlimited Unix-shell access to Usenet/Internet.  My
provider is Creative Cybernetics, a start up competing with a number
of private providers in this area. Their actual Internet bridge is in
Charlotte, while I'm in Raleigh on a local call.

My provider is about to go to satellite feed for newsgroups to avoid
upstream politically-correct *censorship* that rankles most of us 
"serious" users.  I can already get newsgroups that NCSU can't/won't

For $10/month more, I can have either a dial up SLIP or PPP account...
giving me WWW, Mosaic, etc...which will speed up when they pop the
28.8 modems into the rack.  We get free Winsock client stuff for SLIP.

I'm about to ask what it would cost me to do a reflector service...
and my provider is looking for people to contribute to their WWW page.

In a word, I have full service, including things like learning PERL

Using university accounts is no longer the only cost-effective means
of participating in The Whole Internet.  Keep your eyes open to the 
*business* section of your local newspaper for these sprouting IH 

Steve Modena    ab4el at Cybernetics.NET

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