Insulin receptors

Pinter Shlomit shlomit at
Thu Aug 25 07:54:32 EST 1994

I am posting this message for a friend who is doing research in
molecular biology (not my area at all).  I am not sure that this is
the right place for posting the message but any help (pointers or
answers) will be most welcome.

He is interested in conducting Insulin receptors binding procedure in
monolayer cell culture, either with Insulin-I125 or with anti bodies.
Specifically, he needs the exact protocol/s in details.

His "snail" address is:
Avshalom Shostak - MD
Renal unit. Central Emek Hospital
Afula, Israel

You can send email (I am not reading this news group) directly to me
at: shlomit at

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