"Normally create without a vote"?

Anthony Tomlinson anthony at pplros.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 25 10:25:24 EST 1994

In article <1994Aug19.013353.14405 at alw.nih.gov> Bernard Murray,
bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov writes:
>	I am merely a reader of this newsgroup for the past ca. 1 year and am
>not privy to the backbiting that goes herein however, its clear that Dave
>appears to be a competent administrator as far as pure science is
>and it also appears that Una gives very valuable scientific advive (I am
>who loves her bionet guides).  What's with the nasty remarks???!!  Is
>some strange historical conflict to which all new readers of this group
>be initiated?  As a mere scorekeeper I am worried that Dave appears to
have the
>last say (by virtue of being the administrator) whereas remarks from Una
>appear relatively benign seem to provoke a heap of personal scorn.  Is
>something which we should be informed about?

I've got it!!  They must be married!!  Either that, or two personae of
someone with a multiple personality disorder.  I've never seen a post by
either of them without an accompanying snipe by the other (oh I've done
it now - flames from both of them!).

Anthony (in a suicidal mood)

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