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Kent Landfield root at
Thu Aug 25 23:53:46 EST 1994

In article <33g7po$caa at> una at (Una Smith) writes:
>Malcolm Davis <davis at> wrote:
>>I think, however, that bionet.* will not gain propogation by being
>>openly disdainful of Usenet "policy" as some posters have seemed.  I
>>don't think we should count on security through obscurity either.  If
>>our practices are such that they would draw the ire of sysops who are
>>propogating bionet.* without much scrutiny, then eventually they will
>>find out and there goes the feed.

I do know the policies of most the hierarchies I propagate. I really don't 
care what your hierarchy practices are as long as the research institutions 
I feed find it useful in their daily work.  I don't care if it is a 
dictatorship when it comes to group creation/deletion.  If it is useful to 
the research community then I will pass it.  Users, biologists, I feed have 
told me it is.  That is all I care about, period.  Internal politics of a 
hierarchy are of no concern. Is it useful to the people I feed and do I 
have the resources to feed them the groups ? If the answer to the two 
questions is yes, then it gets propagated.

>That's exactly right.  These are precisely the reasons why I reported
>the no-vote policy to news.admin.misc.

Sounds to me as if it is a Dave vs Una thang...  You were gambling at best.
What did you hope to gain by informing us ?  Did you wish the ire of the
admins to be aroused against the policy in hopes of changing it ?  Did 
you feel that "no publicity is bad publicity" or that this might inspire
news admins to go do a "public service" thing ?  You have not made your
position clear.  

>>Saying that, I don't think that the current rules exceptions for the
>> hierarchy should be irksome to many.
>I agree:  most news administrators don't care, or believe that there
>should be no barriers to the creation and propagation of newsgroups.

Then why was it so important for you to start moving bionet policy discussions
away from the appropriate bionet.general and into an inappropriate place such 
as news.groups and news.admin.misc ?

>The people who make* possible also benefit bionet.*, for most
>of the same reasons.  

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