Bigfoot on bionet

'73 '73
Fri Aug 26 05:16:31 EST 1994

[Repost: due to substantially altered version being x-posted to group]
[originally posted to alt.usenet.kooks, f/u set to alt.usenet.kooks]

> Check out bionet.general where a group of assorted posters appear
> to be "doing a rec.pets.cats" by insisting on sasquatch newsgroups,
> research projects etc. to the growing annoyance of some of the 
> regulars.  I was wondering what happened to alt.syntax.tactical
> since they got toasted to crisp after tangling with alt.evil 
> and alt.flame.  I think I've found 'em.  Just look for any
> thread with bigfoot in the title.
> '73
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