Calcium metabolism in acellular bone fish

Andrew Leslie Saul s883730 at
Fri Aug 26 01:24:40 EST 1994

G'day to Ichthyologists and other interested parties.

I am investigating calcium metabolism in acellular bone fish.  From my
current understanding acellular bone does not contain cells within the
bone  matrix but possesses osteoblasts around the bone matrix.  This bone
is metabolically active, although early studies contradicted this opinion.
If this is incorrect, please advise me.

In marine species, calcium is absorbed via the gut and gills, with the
assistance of vitamin D dependent proteins.  Does anyone know if the gill
calcium binding protein is vitamin D dependent?

Is vitamin D in fish produced in skin from U.V. irradiation as well as

Constructive contributions are most welcome.

Andrew Saul
alf at

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