Bionet.* propagation woes

Dave Mack dmack at
Fri Aug 26 18:25:57 EST 1994

In article <33ib8l$30e at>,
Una Smith <una at> wrote:
>I wrote:
>>>Bionet.* now has 49 (says my .newsrc file)...
>Dave Mack <dmack at> wrote:
>>There are, by my count, 62 bionet groups. Here's a copy of the
>>bionet checkgroups message. You may want to ask the Usenet admin
>>on your news server to run it if you aren't getting that many.
>No thanks.  Without a feed of a newsgroup's traffic, it does
>no good to create that newsgroup on our server.

You are aware, aren't you, that with the INN software, newsgroups
which are not in the active file are not accepted by the server?

>We've got bionet.microbiology here at Yale but it has almost
>no traffic.  Most of what there is goes "what's wrong with
>this newsgroup?  Why aren't we seeing the traffic that is
>being archived on"  The articles are not getting
>to Yale;  our feed is incomplete.
>A Chemistry graduate student here has been working very hard
>to resolve our partial feed problem.  It takes a *lot* of
>work to track our bionet.* feed from one site to another. 
>If bionet.* had better propagation, we would not be having
>this problem at all.

I have mentioned, several times, that I am willing to provide
NNTP feeds of the *complete* bionet hierarchy for
Did you think that Yale was excluded from that offer?

Perhaps you should have your chemistry grad student send me
e-mail. I have sent e-mail to new at repeating
this offer.
Dave Mack
Manager, Computer Facilities
Senior Systems Administrator
IntelliGenetics, Inc./BIOSCI Project

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