Wanted- Facstar Plus cell sorter

Donald Wong donald_wong at qmgates.affymax.com
Fri Aug 26 23:18:21 EST 1994

Please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong areas but there does
not appear to be a bionet.wanted Newsgroup.

We are looking for a high quality used Becton-Dickinson "Factstar Plus"
cell sorter.  If you have one and are interested in discussing the sale of
it please call me at the number listed below.  Alternatively you can send
me email including your name, phone number and fax number.

Thank you.  Sincerly,
Donald Wong                                Affymax Research Institute
Materials Manager                          3410 Central Expressway
donald_wong at qmgates.affymax.com            Santa Clara, CA  95051
408.522.5706                               Fax: 408.481-0393

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