wanted: fixatives for D. Melanogaster

Udolph, Gerald udolph at mzdmza.zdv.uni-mainz.de
Mon Aug 29 05:37:51 EST 1994

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> I am having a particularly difficult time preserving the internal 
> structure of D. melanogaster for immuno-histo chemistry.  I've used 
> 3.7% formalin as well as bouin's solution, both to no avail.  If there 
> are any entemologists out there, or histologists who know, please...I 
> need a fixative that can penetrate the cuticle and preserve 
> morphology.  I don't need to retain antigenicity (immunological 
> activity).
> Thank you,
> Mehdi Assadi-Moghadam

Hi Mehdi,

there is a special newsgroup called bionet.drosophila. Maybe you cross-post
your request there. 

I am using an glutardialdehyd (sorry but I do not know the english term, so
maybe it is incorrect) saturated heptane phase for fixation of Drosophila.
But we only have experinece with staining embryonic stages. The advantage
of using heptane is that it makes little holes in membranes so that big
molecules can pass throuh them. 

If you like to know more please contact me under my email address.

Best wishes 

Udolph, Gerald
Institut fuer Genetik
55122 Mainz

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