Preserving "References" header lines

Una Smith una at
Mon Aug 29 16:58:37 EST 1994

Ken Sallenger <ken at> wrote:

>>It would be REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice if everyone made sure their
>>software preserved/updated the References: header line.  Especially
>>the BIOSCI staff.  <hint, hint>

Dave Mack <dmack at> wrote:

>The fact that all of the bionet newsgroups are bi-directionally
>gated to mailing lists probably causes the References line to get
>nuked now and then.

Reinhard Doelz's articles apparently go from Usenet to,
then via a mailing list to, and from there to Usenet
again, with References intact.  So it's not the gateways that are
at fault here.

The References: header lines are messed up when replies originate
from mailing list subscribers (who don't bother to manually insert
the line themselves), but this shouldn't be a problem for BIOSCI
staff -- unless you post via e-mail instead of using a newsreader.

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