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Mon Aug 29 13:35:44 EST 1994

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Una Smith <una at> wrote:
>Dave Mack <dmack at> wrote:
>>I have mentioned, several times, that I am willing to provide
>>NNTP feeds of the *complete* bionet hierarchy for
>>Did you think that Yale was excluded from that offer?
>You also said you don't intend to provide feeds to people
>who can reasonably be expected to get them on their own.

Pardon? I certainly don't recall saying any such thing.
I seem to remember posting an article offering a direct NNTP
bionet feed to anyone who wanted one.

In particular, what I said in response to an earlier article of
yours was:

  >>We most strongly urge anyone who wants 
  >>access to the bionet newsgroups to attempt to acquire them
  >>through Usenet rather than email. In particular, we will attempt
  >>to provide NNTP feeds of the bionet hierarchy to anyone who
  >>wants one and is connected to the Internet. If your service
  >>provider does not have access to the bionet groups, you should
  >>have them contact me.

Perhaps it was the reference to a "service provider" which
confused you on this point. By that, I simply meant whatever
organization actually administers the NNTP server which would
receive the bionet feed.

>The student here did ask BIOSCI for help fixing our feed
>problem, and was told to look elsewhere.

I've been here since mid-January and I don't remember being
asked for help from anyone at Yale, but if this did happen
then I apologize. There are, of course, problems which we
can't solve ourselves and it's sometimes necessary for us
to refer people to their local news administrator, but I
will try to help as much as I can.

>>Perhaps you should have your chemistry grad student send me
>>e-mail. I have sent e-mail to new at repeating
>>this offer.
>Thanks, but the problem was solved earlier today, after the
>Usenet administrator for the CS department here stepped in.

Dave Mack
Manager, Computer Facilities
Senior Systems Administrator
IntelliGenetics, Inc./BIOSCI Project

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