Need some info!

Warlock jgillela at
Mon Aug 29 08:37:13 EST 1994

	Now this may not be the usual sort of post found in here, but
	I decided that if I'm subscribed to this group I might as well
	see if it can help me!
     I'm in search of any info (generalised stuff mainly) on hGH (human
   groth hormone), CJD(Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) it's effects and any 
   other information that might be useful about the development of this
   disease treatments that are currently being trialed.
		<hmmm, i spelt growth wrong!>
	Also I could use any info on the new production of hGH and how
   this avoids the chance of CJD infection!

		Thanks in advance
	jgillela at

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