Bionet.* propagation woes

Terence P. Ma tpm at
Thu Aug 25 18:03:51 EST 1994

In article <33ib8l$30e at> una at (Una Smith) writes:

>It takes a *lot* of
>work to track our bionet.* feed from one site to another. 
>If bionet.* had better propagation, we would not be having
>this problem at all.

I don't know. I am not sure this is your problem necessarily.

As a person who has administered news for a LONG time, and am quite familiar 
with how bionet works, I would suggest that someone check with your news 
administrator and see if Yale and its upstream sites actually are REQUESTING 
bionet newsgroups. If you are getting feed from a major commercial site (like 
UUNET) or from a regional node (like SURANet), then you can be assured of 
actually receiving bionet, because they carry everything. However, if your 
news server only receives from other institutions, then you have to assure 
yourself that no institution along the way does not carry bionet.

This is not a propagation problem of bionet. This is true of anything 
hierarchy beyond the major set (comp, news, rec, ... and, for some places, 
alt), like biz.*, hiv.*, info.*, etc.

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