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Wild Bill traveler at
Mon Aug 29 02:24:20 EST 1994

In article <33lvl6$qel at>,
Dan Zabetakis <dan at> wrote:
>   Since many of you might not be aware, let me point out that the
>object of those who post that mighty foot stuff to bionet.general is
>to generate flame wars. They are usually known as alt.syntax.tactical.
>This means: DO NOT REPLY TO THEM. It is what they want.
>   Send complaints to thier systems administrators.

Sorry, chief. My sysadmin rightfully scoffs at yokels like you, especially
when you start screaming "alt.bigfoot" and as a result we come in here to 
see what all the hubub's about.

You net.cops are so pathetic. You spend 40 minutes writing nasty followups
in response to two-line posts, then complain to sysadmins about all the time
you wasted, when all you ever had to do was hit control-shift-K to put us
out of your lives forever.

Get a clue, net-dweeb. And another thing...AST and alt.bigfoot are two
separate entities.

Wild Bill.

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