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>I'm guessing here, but does it shift the inaudible bat sonic emissions
>down into human hearing range?  Maybe a parabolic dish with headphones?
>Or does it use radio wave reflections to track the target?  Possibly,
>it detects their infrared signature and plots it on a miniature cathode
>ray tube in an eye-piece?  Or maybe resonance in the bat wings it found 
>through laser refraction?
>In any case, I hope you blow those little #@%$%#$s out of the sky!

Now hold on there. Although many people are afraid of them, science has
revealed that bats are nothing more than vicious rodents that fly in the
dark and bite you and give you rabies. Another common misconception is
that bats are blind, which could not be further from the truth--it's just
a rumor they started so that people will feel sorry for them. 

If you have a problem with bats, your best bet is to hook up a jumbo
bug zapper, which they'll be attracted to even though they are members of
the arachnid family.


Wild Bill.

Counting the hours till Tuesday....

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